1200 Mile Road Trip In the Cayman with TCGTour 2017

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2016 Porsche Cayman 981 Road Trip around Lake MichiganEarly in September 2017, I joined my friends at The Chicago Garage for their third annual TCG Tour.  This years tour took us counter clockwise around Lake Michigan starting in Chicago.  We spent 4 days taking all of the scenic backroads including Michigan's Tunnel of Trees, and put about 1200 miles on the Cayman! Our nightly stops were in Benton Harbor, then Traverse City, and finally Escanaba Michigan.  We had about 15 cars along for the ride and 18 people joined in on the fun! Hit the link to see my footage and check out my first VLOG:


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This was only my first attempt at a Vlog, and I am still learning so any feedback is greatly appreciated! I am not fully comfortable on camera just yet, and I know that I need to get a microphone and a better GoPro mount to get some better sound quality.  But I promise I will get better as I ramp up our YouTube Channel's videos and consistency!  Make sure you subscribe to our channel: YouTube.com/ShockerRacing