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Brent - 2008 BMW 335i, 2007 TBSS

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Name: Brent

Current Rides:
2008 BMW 335i
2007 TrailBlazer SS AWD Silver

2008 BMW 335i: Tuner, Wheels
2007 TBSS: HIDs and tune.

Interior Modifications: NONE

I have been a GM guy pretty much my whole life. But I am not a non-GM hater. I respect anything that is fast and tasteful. I like to cruise and drag race. I have had both rides since new and slowly made changes to my taste. I prefer the factory look and try to keep it that way. Plans for the Camaro are to one day be boosted. For now I will just make the most of what I have and pray it stays together for a while. For the truck, a Kenny Belle kit may be in its future but for now will be left as is. See you on the street!

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