American Muscle 2016 Announcement

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Thanks to a successful event at Mustang Week 2016, ShockerRacing teamed up with JD Dewayne from JD Joyride TV.  A YouTube channel dedicated to JD’s 2008 900hp Shelby GT500 for the upcoming American Muscle Show in Pennsylvania. His Shelby has a built motor and a 3.4 Whipple supercharger by JPC Racing. You can follow along on the channel and see first time reactions to friends and fans of JD’s Mustang as well as reactions to his friends cars. You can also watch epic car events like Mustang Week and American Muscle.  After ShockerRacingGirl, Bex Russ, made a "brief" appearance in JD's Mustang Week video it was obvious that the ShockerRacingGirls needed to have more screen time in the American Muscle Show Coverage!

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JD Joyride TV will be attending American Muscle this weekend for the fourth time and JD is certainly looking forward too it. “This will be my fourth AM event. I’m very excited and interested in the turn out” says JD Joyride TV, who is teaming up with some of our favorite SR models at the American Muscle event. To help announce his attendance he teamed up with SR model Bex to help bring attention to his car.

Bex Russ with JD Joyride TV's Shelby Mustang


Bex had a blast working with JD this past weekend on the announcement video. “We really lucked out with a great location to shoot. We found a giant American Flag tapestry for some great shots. The best part was the drive though. ‘Wicked fast’ doesn’t even begin to describe that adventure.” Says Bex. JD and Bex shot in small town Warrenton, VA. With back drops such as old train bridge, train station, and giant American flag.

Bex Russ with JD Joyride TV's Shelby Mustang

JD’s car has been featured in the American Muscle Calendar January 2016. As well as a Hot Lap video at American Muscle ( ). “Bex is the first model to ever pose with my car” says JD. We are looking forward to seeing our favorite ShockerRacingGirls pose next to his Shelby GT500 this weekend. Alex Owen, Bex Russ, Morgan Kitzmiller, as well as a few other girls like Sam Potter and possibly Harley Danielle.

JD Joyride TV's Shelby Mustang in the American Muscle 2016 Calendar

Check out the JD Joyride TV announcement here ( ). Be sure to subscribe ( and follow! If you are interested in having one of our girls model for your car. Feel free to Direct Message them on their Instagram accounts or meet up with them at the event. Share your pics with the girls on Instagram using #ShockerRacingGirlsAM2016 and have a chance at winning one of our 2016 ShockerRacingGirls Calendars!!!


Bex Russ with JD Joyride TV's Shelby Mustang

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Bex Russ with JD Joyride TV's Shelby Mustang

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Bex Russ with JD Joyride TV's Shelby Mustang

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The ShockerRacingGirls at Mustang Week 2016