K40 RLS2 Radar Test Drive and K40 Consult

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K40 RLS2 Product ImageMrs ShockerRacing and I took our 2016 Porsche Cayman on another road trip this past fall and ended up logging another 3000 miles! This time we headed Southeast towards Miami for my sisters wedding.  We made the trip a little more scenic by heading toward the Cherohala Skyway in Tennessee.  We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to "Test Drive" the last K40 RLS2 Portable Radar Detector for the trip, and ditch our Escort radar that does nothing but give false alerts. We also took the opportunity to call K40 along the drive and have them walk us through their FREE Consult.

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If you are unfamiliar with the K40 RLS2 Radar, it is their latest and greatest portable detection system that continues to offer their "Drive Ticket Free" Guarantee.  One of the most important features for us was finding a radar detector that can filter out all of the false alerts that are given off these days from other vehicles, as our previous detector basically beeped nonstop!  Over the 3000 mile haul, the RLS2 didn't give off a single false alert.  It also had some features we didn't know were available thanks to the built in GPS.  The GPS allows you to mark specific locations for a multitude of reasons including alerts from stores you frequently drive past but also the ability to mark a favorite spot, or even potholes so that you remember them the next time you travel the road.  One of my favorite new features is the ability to silence alerts below a certain speed.  We set this to turn off sound alerts below 30 mph thanks to the K40 Consult, because chances are you are not at risk of speeding under 30 mph.

Kim and I had a little fun with this video, and make sure you watch until the very end:

If you have not heard of the K40 Consult, what you will see in this video is Kim and I trying it out.  The consult allows you to contact one of K40's Radar and Laser experts 24/7 as they walk you through the step by step setup process for your application.  For years I have owned detectors never knowing if I was using it to the best of it's abilities based on my area and typical driving habits.  The consult takes out all of the guess work.  You will see in the video, speaking to the representative was like having a conversation with a friend.  He was beyond friendly and helpful, and never made it feel like he was rushing us through the process to get off the phone.

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Kim with the K40 RLS2 Radar Detector

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