Porsche Cayman Garage Door Programming with Homelink

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Porsche Cayman 981 Racing Yellow ShockerRacingFor those of us that own Porsche Cayman's that came factory equipped with the garage door opener buttons or homelink system, ShockerRacing took the time to make a nice step by step video showing the programming process.  This is a fairly easy process to complete but it is a lot easier to check out the video than read the process in the owners manual.  We invited Mrs. ShockerRacing out this time to walk us through the process since no one wants to see my ugly mug! Hit the link to check out the video...


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Here is the full YouTube video on How To Program the Homelink Garage Door opener on a Porsche Cayman 981:


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Here is a mini feature video by New Pixel Films with the ShockerRacing Porsche Cayman 981 TFTI: