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Porsche Cayman 981 - How to Remove the Hood Crest

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Porsche Cayman 981 Hood Crest RemovalI recently needed to remove the hood crest on the ShockerRacing 2016 Porsche Cayman 981 in order to properly wrap the hood(See the hood wrap article here).  Removing the emblem was very easy to do, but when you are unsure of the exact procedure the process can be a bit scary.  I thought it might help some people to do a quick write-up on the procedure.  You will just need some basic tools for this:


  • Small flat blade screwdriver or pick
  • Rag or thin towel
  • 8mm Socket and extension

*This write-up is intended for reference purposes only.  Attempt this at your own risk. is not repsonsible for you damaging your vehicle.

Porsche Cayman 981 Hood Crest Speed Nut Cover

Step 1 - With the hood popped you will see a black plastic cover located just below the hood latch(See above pic).  You will need to careful remove that using a small pick or flat screwdriver. I covered a small flat screwdriver with a rag and began to pry it away from the hood.  This was the hardest part of the whole removal as it was in there very snug and you want to be very careful not to slip and damage the paint.

Porsche Cayman 981 Hood Crest Speed Nut Cover Removed to expose Speed Nuts

Step 2 - As you see in the photo above, with the cover removed it will expose the two holes that allow access to the 2 - 8mm speed nuts that hold the hood crest on to the hood.  Using the 8mm Socket and extension remove the two speed nuts being careful not to drop the nuts inside of the hood.  Also, note that there is some sort of silicone on the nuts so they may not pull off as simply as a normal nut.

Remove the two 8mm speed nuts that hold the Porsche Cayman Hood Crest in place

Step 3- Once the two speed nuts are removed you can then lift the hood crest off of the hood and you are finished.

Porsche Cayman 981 Hood Crest Removed

Porsche Cayman Hood Crest Removed

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